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Music Makers

“Music Makers” is a pattern for a musical workshop targeted for preschool age children. In our area we do it on a weekly basis at the local church building. Members of 3 wards, as well as any in the community are invited to attend. Mothers volunteer to lead each segment and props, music and stories are provided by the members of the group.

The “Music Makers” format is flexible and can be made to accommodate different groups seeking to provide musical instruction to children. Here, I provide the basic outline for the different segments. I will soon post other pages with music, songs and stories that have been used successfully in the past by our group.

Our program lasts one hour and consists of six different segments: Opening, Circle Time, Marching Time, Singing Time, Movement Time and Story Time. (Each segment is roughly ten minutes.)

Opening: The Opening segment consists of “The Hello Song,” to welcome each child by name, “What Shall We Do At Music Makers?” and “When I sing La, La, La…” (By Brite Music)

These songs welcome the children to Music Makers, explain the format and get them excited to learn with music. It also gets them excited about music itself and invites them to express themselves in terms of music and movement.

Circle Time: Circle time is a singing segment for short, interactive songs. Finger-plays and rhymes can also be incorporated in circle time. Props, recorded music, or instrument accompaniment can be used to help keep the children’s attention but are not necessary.

Marching Time: Children play instruments while marching to recorded music.

Singing Time: Singing segment for longer and repetitive songs. In reality, this segment is a lot like circle time. The songs and props that work for one can work for the other. Although this segment is supposed to be for teaching “long” songs, you will still need short, popular songs to keep the children’s attention.

Movement Time: Children move to music with or without props. This includes songs that instruct the children to clap, jump or move like animals, teaching movements or dances to a piece of music, or using props to move to the music. In the past we have used bubbles at the beginning of the movement segment. We also have a parachute that the children shake as part of movement time.

Story Time: The children are read, or told, a story using picture books, puppets, props, etc. Then sing the Goodbye Song. This closes Music Makers by acknowledging each child by name.