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I Love Christmas!!

By Rebecca | March 19, 2008

I am a Christmas junkie. (Not that I love shopping–in fact, I hate it. I’d rather make gifts than buy them.) But just about everything else about Christmas gives me a happy, glowing feeling.

I love the smell of pine trees just outside the grocery store entrance. I love the lights on houses and lawns. I love the smell of cinnamon and a house warm with baking. I love Christmas Carols.

I love packages wrapped in bright paper and stacked under the tree. I love the thrill of finding the perfect present for my kids, or my husband or my sisters, or anyone really. I love the excitement of hiding it from them until Christmas day. I love the resisting the temptation to tell them what I got them anyway. I love shaking my own gifts and trying to guess what’s inside.

I love decorating the tree. I love hanging on the ornaments we’ve collected and remembering where and when we got it. We have ornaments from our childhoods, from our honeymoon, from family and friends, and ones that we made ourselves. I love watching my kids smile, clap and dance when we plug the lights in for the first time.

I love the celebrations at church and throughout the community. I love walking through the park with lights all around. I love easy smiles that jump on people’s faces. I love the way everyone seems to feel more at ease showing simple kindess to people around them. I love little old ladies rebelling against political correctness and boldly wishing everyone “Merry Christmas.”

I love reading the Christmas story. I worry about Mary riding the donkey, in labor and wishing for a quiet inn where she can have her baby. I think of Joseph being a midwife for the Savior of the world. I imagine the shepards listening to the Heavenly Chorus and then travelling into the city to see the tiny baby. I wonder how many years the Wise Men watched for the star before they saw it in the sky and followed it.

I love setting out stockings and cookies and milk for Santa. I love the anticipation that dances in my stomach at bedtime, even now when I am supposed to be “grown-up.”

I love Christmas morning. I always hope that Santa will bring me a surprise. I love the look on everyone’s face on Christmas morning as we open gifts. (I even love the evil smile on my Brother-in-law’s face when he uses an etire roll of tape on a package the size of his little finger.) I love the candy we eat before breakfast. I love playing with the toys and games, watching the movies and putting together puzzles that were bought and wrapped just for this day.

I love the dinner. I love the turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, pies and various other trimmings. I love sitting with my family and offering a prayer of gratitude and love. I love the phone calls from family and friends far away.
I even love going to bed exhausted and knowing that Christmas will come again in another year.

It’s only November but I’ve already pulled out some Christmas albums. The lights on our house are still up from last year so maybe we’ll have to start turning them on soon. I’m starting to think about where I want to set up our tree and what treats I want to make for our friends in town. I’ve begun to go over my Christmas Card list. I need to remember to get a portrait done to send out with the cards.

There is so much cynicism about Christmas these days I think sometimes we need to be reminded that Christmas is only as comercial as we make it. As for me, I love it and I don’t intend to let any store take that away from me no matter how early they start decorating.

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