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A Pittance of Time

By Joseph | April 28, 2010

As the administrator of the site, I felt this post is important to share with the world and this community in particular.

I discovered this video on another blog that I frequent, and felt it was extremely deserving of a post here as well.  If there is one thing that we need to remember, it is not only our veterans that are with us today, but the myriad of soldiers that have died in defense of our livelihood and freedoms.  I am extremely grateful for everything they have done for me, my family, my country, and the betterment of the world.

It takes just a small amount to say thank you, and from my family and I … thank you.

After some additional searching, I found the story that the video and song are based on here.  It is an amazing story, and unfortunately all too true.  The soldiers in our lives deserve all the respect in the world for they are willing to give or are giving the ultimate sacrifice for each one of us because they love us and love the freedom we enjoy.

John 15:13 “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”

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For Grandma

By Rebecca | April 7, 2009

We love you Grandma!

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Updated Conference Packet for April

By Rebecca | March 31, 2009

April 2009 Conference Packet

Thanks again to Genny at Color of the sky in my World for another great Conference packet. Thank you again for your hard work and for sharing your talents so freely.

My family is looking forward to conference, and the kids are looking forward to matching the apostles.  Happy listening this Conference Season!!

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Dear Kristi, I’m going to loan you Patience…

By Rebecca | March 29, 2009

Kristi,  you are my sister by marriage.  I am worried about you and I have a lot to say to you.  The problem is, well, we’re sort of bad about calling all around.  And when I call, I feel like I should listen rather than talk.

However, I know what it’s like to be too sick to care for your family.  It seems sometimes as though this trial will never end.  You probably have doubts about whether this illness will ever get better.  It may be that this trial will shadow the rest of your life but it will not always be the all-consuming burden that it is right now.

The first thing you need to do is to realize that there are times, and this is one of them, where it is in the best interest of your family for you to make taking care of yourself a priority.  Feeling guilty for not being able to care for your babies, only makes the road to recovery harder and more difficult.  Let go of the guilt.  The love and sacrifice made by Jesus Christ covers not only those times we do things wrong, but those times when life is just not perfect.  Your children will not suffer permenantly because of the things you cannot do right now or in the future.  If anything, they will be more kind and thoughtful and independent because they had a mother who depended on them as much as they depended on her.

Second of all, have patience.  (This is really hard.)

When I was hospitalized with morning sickness during my last pregnancy, my in-laws brought me a stuffed penguin with a yellow beak and a bright orange and yellow bow around its neck.  It was meant to brighten up my drab surroundings.  In the days that followed, I often looked at the goofy penguin with its vibrant accessories. 

I tried to be philisophical about my illness but mostly I just wanted to go home and take care of my son and my husband.  Instead, I continued to be sick.  Too sick to do anything but lie in bed and wait for the medicine to kick in and put me to sleep.  Again.

One day, when I was struggling through a period of agonizing conciousness, I became frustrated.  With no one else to talk with, I turned to my dopey penguin and abruptly informed it, “I am tired of being patient.  I don’t want to be patient anymore.  I am going to name you Patience and you can be patient for me.  It’s your job to be patient now so that I don’t have to.”  The penguin’s expression did not change.  It continued to look at me with a dopey smile on its face.  And just like the bagpipe in Shel Silversteen’s poem, the penguin didn’t say no.

So I didn’t have to be patient anymore.  Every time I found myself getting frustrated and wishing for the ordeal to end I would remember, “I have Patience.  She is being patient for me.  I don’t have to worry about being patient.”

Then I would turn my thoughts to those things that I could do.  Sometimes I read or did crafts.  Mostly, I indulged in watching television or movies that I hadn’t had time to watch before–because mostly that is all I was able to do.  And slowly the days passed.

I was released from the hospital and eventually things got better.  Of course, I had problems throughout the pregnancy and side effects that persist to this day.  But I learned that the Lord never leaves us.  And in those moments when we are in our greatest agony are the moments when we can come to know him best.  It is then that we can feel his loving arms support and lift us through our most painful trials.

I am reminded of this every time I look at Patience, my faithful penguin, and I know that our hard times do not last forever, even though it may feel like it.  I think that you need her now more than I do.  So I will lend you Patience.  I have asked her to be patient for you whenever you need it.  And she is smiling and she definitely didn’t say no.

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Homemade Three tier Cupcake Stand (on a budget)

By Rebecca | March 5, 2009

I’ve been searching online for something that would tell me how to make a cute, simple cupcake stand from everyday, household items.  Well, I didn’t find one.  Almost all of the DIY’s that I found used pre-made cardboard stands or expensive Styrofoam cake dummies.  So I had to figure it out on my own.  And since it took so much time and effort, I thought I’d share it with y’all.

To make the trays of the cupcake stand, I used foam board purchased at my local dollar store.  It wasn’t as sturdy as the foam board at, say, Wal-Mart, so I bought two of them.

I used a set of nesting bowls I have and a plate from my cupboard to trace circles of varying sizes onto the board.  Then I cut them out with an exacto knife.  I cut two circles of each size and then glued them together using tacky glue.  (You should probably set something heavy on them and let them dry overnight.  I just had my husband press them together firmly and then let them dry.)

Since the foam board already had colored paper on it, I didn’t bother to cover it with anything else.  However, if you want a different look, you can always cover the trays with scrapbook paper.  This gives you  a wide variety of designs for fairly inexpensive.  Then I glued 3/8″ Christmas curling ribbon–purchased at Wal-mart for 80% off sometime in January–to the outer edge of the board.  I did so using tacky glue but found it was helpful to use a piece of tape to hold the ribbon in place at the beginning.

For the “pillars” I used the canisters for “Carnation Instant Breakfast.”  However, any cylinder canister will work.  In fact, as long as you don’t need it to be permanent, you can even use a filled canister.  (My bottom pillar is unopened.)  Other canisters that could be used include peanut butter jars, peanut cans, drink mix containers, or frosting canisters.

I used scrapbook paper and tape to cover the surface of the canisters.  If you are worried about the tape showing, you can use double stick tape.  Once that was done, I stacked the boards and canisters to form the tiers of the cupcake stand.  I chose not to attach the canisters and boards to each other since I wanted to be able to dismantle the stand with ease and possibly use it again.

After completing the stand, I decided to use a frosting canister to hold up the top tier.  I substituted it for the “Carnation” container I had used originally.  However, when I set up my cupcakes at the party, the candles were too tall to fit under the top tier.  So I took out the top foam board and placed a small saucer in its place.  This leads me to suspect that this whole thing could be constructed out of light weight plastic plates with some peanut butter jars in the middle.

Here’s a picture of the final display:

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Recipes for Conference Weekend

By Rebecca | September 30, 2008

Recently a post showed up in Young Women’s Yahoo group asking for quick and easy casseroles for General Conference weekend.  Specifically, the poster was interested in dishes that could be prepared ahead of time and then cooked or heated up for meals on Conference days.

As far as I can tell, there was one response, posted by Julia D—–.  (I don’t know how anonymous she wants to be.)  She listed three breakfast casseroles. 

Now, I have never had the privilege of either making or eating a breakfast casserole.  In my family, getting to put sugar in the oatmeal was a right fancy breakfast.  On Christmas day we would have breakfast at about noon and my Dad would fix eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, pancakes, toast, sometimes with yogurt, cottage cheese and toast.  I have more fond memories of Christmas breakfast than I do of any Christmas dinner.

Needless to say, the very idea of a breakfast casserole stuffed with yummy breakfast ingredients was enough to make my mouth water and my tummy grumble.  Add to this the fact that these were entered under the heading of “quick,” “easy,” and “freezer” and I guess I just knew all over again that these had to have come straight from heaven.

That said, I haven’t tried any of them out yet.  (I may have to go shopping, not to mention sell my kids on the idea.  They can’t bear the thought of Mom serving them anything but cold cereal for breakfast.)  But I didn’t want my inexperience to keep me from sharing them.  So go ahead and try them out.  They can’t end up much worse than lumpy, unflavored oatmeal with sour cream.  Trust me, I know.

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French Toast Casserole

By Rebecca | September 30, 2008

1 loaf Italian bread
8 ounces cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar (divided)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla (or almond) extract
1/2 cup pecans
4 eggs
2 cup milk
1 teaspoon cinnamon (some like more)
2 tablespoon melted butter

Cut bread into 1 inch cubes. Place half of the bread cubes in a greased
9 x 13 baking pan.

Melt cream cheese in the microwave. Stir several times. (This takes about 2 minutes.)

Stir 1/4 cup sugar and vanilla extract into the cream cheese.
Pour the cream cheese mixture over the bread cubes. It will not completely cover them.

Sprinkle nuts over the cream cheese layer. Top with remaining bread cubes.
Beat together the remaining sugar, eggs, milk, cinnamon, and melted butter. Pour the egg and milk mixture over the bread cubes.

Refrigerate overnight to bake the next morning OR slide the pan into a two-gallon freezer bag and freeze. Thaw completely to cook.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until browned. Let sit at room temp for 5 minutes before cutting. Top with syrup or fruit toppings.

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